Is your period late after recently having sex? You could be pregnant. Take a closer look at the early symptoms of pregnancy and see if any of these are familiar.

Free Pregnancy Testing

Even if you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test, it’s vital to get a second opinion. We offer a free and confidential Mainline Urine Pregnancy Test at the Pregnancy Care Center with 97 to 99% accuracy.

At-home tests are reliable, but it’s essential to take them at the right time and follow the directions carefully.

How A Pregnancy Test Works

A urine pregnancy test detects the presence of hCG, a hormone associated with pregnancy. A woman’s body begins producing this hormone after a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus wall. If the pregnancy test detects hCG in your urine, you’re pregnant.

When Should You Take A Test

The hCG hormone rapidly builds in your body. If your monthly cycle is ordinarily regular, we recommend taking a pregnancy test two days after your missed period. If your period is irregular, you may want to wait until day 4 or 5 afterward.

What If The Test Is Positive?

If you receive a positive pregnancy test with one of our pregnancy tests, an ultrasound is your next best step to confirm your pregnancy details. An ultrasound reveals your options. You will verify the viability (growing with a detectable heartbeat) of your pregnancy, how far along you are, and the location of your pregnancy.

We offer referrals for no-cost ultrasound scanning if your test is positive.

You Have Options

Don’t decide about your pregnancy until you talk with one of our options consultants. They will carefully review your situation and give you information about the three options available to you – abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Be empowered to make a confident choice. Schedule a free appointment today.