Many women choose not to parent because they don’t feel they have the physical and mental support they need. You might be surprised when you learn all that’s available to you.

Choosing To Parent

Welcoming a child into the world means a lot of changes. When you choose to continue your pregnancy and keep your baby, you are about to undertake one of the most challenging and exciting journeys in life.

As your child grows, you are helping them develop into a unique person unlike anyone else. You are nurturing this child’s personality, talents, and innate gifts.

The Support You Need

We’re here to help you address your parenting concerns and help you find the resources you need. Many women who want to parent have questions or concerns about single parenting, co-parenting, marriage, continuing their education, financial stability, and other topics.

With the support of caring people, infant-care classes, material support, and other resources, you can learn to guide, encourage and provide for this new member of your family, offering unconditional love and support.

Free Parenting Education and Resources

We offer free parenting education and resources at our pregnancy center for anyone who wants to participate. You can join our Earn While You Learn” Parenting Program to earn credits for “purchasing” maternity and baby items.

Welcoming a child into the world means a lot of changes. Some are big; some are small; some are exciting; others are scary. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Is Parenting Truly Possible?

It is your right to choose to parent your child, no matter what anyone else says. Let the caring staff at the Pregnancy Care Center help you through this difficult time. We will direct you to support centers, maternity homes, and other agencies, where you will find the assistance you need to parent successfully.

You don’t have to prepare for parenting alone. We can help you become the best parent you can be.