As with any serious medical procedure, abortion comes with risks to your health. You may be concerned about your ability to get pregnant again after undergoing one. In general, abortion may not affect future pregnancies or fertility; however, the type of abortion could have a significantly increased risk.

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Will The Abortion Pill Affect Fertility?

The abortion pill, or a medical abortion, uses two drugs to terminate a pregnancy. These drugs are accessible through ten weeks of gestation.  

A medical abortion doesn’t appear to increase the risk of fertility or pregnancy complications as long as it’s done under the guidance of a professional healthcare team.

The Risks of a Surgical Abortion

This surgical method extracts the fetus from the uterus via the vagina, employing either suction or a small cutting instrument. Numerous research findings indicate that surgical abortion generally has minimal effects on subsequent pregnancies. 

However, an analysis of various studies has hinted at an elevation in the risk of premature birth and reduced birth weight following a previous surgical abortion. 

Repeated surgical abortions performed with a curette can lead to the scarring of the uterus’s inner lining, a condition known as Asherman syndrome. Asherman syndrome can make future pregnancies more challenging to achieve.

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